How to Make Healthy Avocado Juice

Avocados are a fruit that is very beneficial for the body. In addition, some of the ingredients found in avocados also have many health benefits, including:

  • Maintain cardiovascular health
  • Reducing deabetes
  • Lose weight
  • Skin beauty and health
  • Prevent free radicals
  • Reducing the risk of cancer
  • Prevent the risk of stroke
  • Clear eyesight

There are many benefits found in avocados ?? Now my advice, start consuming avocados regularly to get the benefits contained in them.

How to consume avocados can be eaten by mixing Java sugar, milk, etc. Can also be used as juice to add to the delicious taste and the fresh avocado fruit. Here’s how to make avocado juice:

Material :

  • 1 avocado with medium maturity level
  • 3 tablespoons sugar (can be added and reduced depending on taste)
  • 3 tablespoons of full cream milk
  • 1 cup of boiled water

Ways of making

  • Cut the avocado in half, discard the contents.
  • Take the avocado and put it in a blender
  • Enter the other ingredients
  • Blend until smooth
  • Pour into a large glass
  • Avocado juice is ready to drink

Easy, how to make avocado juice? Hopefully you can take advantage of the brief description above.…

Sahur Food That Strengthens the Body During Fasting

Fasting is a mandatory service for Muslims. But sometimes because food is not considered nutrition at dawn, it will make it weak during fasting.

Then what foods can strengthen our fasting? the following description:


Eat vegetables that contain lots of fiber, such as carrots, spinach, broccoli, beans, etc. Fiber is classified as complex carbohydrates which are very difficult to digest by the body, but it is still important to maintain metabolism in the body. So consume vegetables at dawn so that the fasting time is not easy to weaken.


Fish are rich in protein, so it is very suitable for your sahur side dish, but you should cook fish by pressing or sowing, so as not to increase the fat content like when the fish is fried.


The fiber found in the fruit is not easily digested, so it will cause the stomach to work longer in destroying food. So thus your race will last longer. Good fruits to consume include bananas, apples, pears, etc.

Soy milk

The protein found in soy milk is very high, so it is very appropriate to drink during your dawn.

For this reason, some foods that are very suitable are consumed at dawn so that your fast runs smoothly and is not young. May be useful.…

Important Tips To Support Children Learning At Home

Learning is a mandatory thing that must be done by students or school students, as well as your child. But sometimes because of various factors, children become lazy to learn.

Here are some tips that can be done so that children want to study at home:

  • Turn off the television set during children’s study hours. Tell the child, they can only watch TV after completing the task. As a consequence, you and other family members also do not watch TV at this time.
  • Help children make a schedule of activities. For example, what time does he have to study, prepare books, watch TV, etc. Don’t give too much allowance or dispensation. On weekends, if the child does not have homework, free him from choosing the activities he wants to do.
  • Check the agenda and textbook. Never be tired of asking, does he have homework, tasks that must be completed, or other needs he must carry.
  • Provide a special learning place. Also pay attention to the problem of lights (lighting) so that he can learn well and healthy.
  • Reduce extra activities if the child seems overwhelmed to set the time.
  • Support and encourage children. Give praise if indeed he is worthy of praise.
  • Helping children complete homework does not mean you have to do it. Just give guidance.
  • Meet the teacher regularly to discuss the learning achievements and behavior of children at school.
  • Give children the understanding, that homework or other tasks from the teacher is to make it more understand the lessons given at school.

That’s tips for parents to support children in learning at home. may be useful.…

Sharpening Mathematical Skills in Children

Mathematical subjects are a frightening specter for school-age children. Actually math is not so difficult just need patience and need a good understanding. Learning mathematics is not only at school, but at home in daily life can be used as learning.

How to hone math skills in children

The important thing is to make math practice a priority as important as reading. Pack math more appealing.

Give a boy a toy to a preschooler girl.

Toys in the form of blocks and puzzles will help girls develop skills in visualizing the exact shape, position, and size of objects.

Take time for math games.

Try a game of separating, grouping, or probability. Ask the child, for example, to calculate how many tempeh they eat in a week if he spends 2 pieces a day. In an easy way and like playing this, the child is actually learning mathematical concepts. This kind of game also shows how important mathematics is in everyday life.

Monitor the performance of your child’s school.

Try to make the teacher also encourage students to master mathematics as they do students. Ask about your girl’s development at the parent meeting. Also ask for teacher advice, how to improve achievement if by chance your daughter’s grades are not satisfactory. Ask the parents of students who excel in mathematics, it also doesn’t hurt to try. From here hope they might be able to give useful advice.

In pursuit of knowledge do not differentiate between boys and girls.

If you hope that someday his daughter will succeed in his life. Prepare yourself to face this increasingly advanced and modern world. Introducing him to mathematical devices such as calculators and computers. If you already have a computer at home, check your software. It might be better if you buy programs that interest your daughter.

Involve children who are already rather large when preparing a family budget.

This is also a good exercise for understanding mathematical concepts.

That’s how to hone math skills in girls. May be useful.…

Benefits of Learning Fasting for Children

Although the stomach feels felt and the body feels a little weak, fasting nourishes the body for those who live it. For children who are not yet adult, the law is not yet mandatory, but mcfol learning fasting is not wrong because fasting has various benefits including:

Benefits of fasting in terms of health

Fasting nourishes the digestive organs, this is caused because for several hours every day in a full month fasting the digestive organs can temporarily rest. As long as mcfol know the process of digestion of food in the body lasts for 8 hours. In everyday life these conditions are often not achieved. Because there is less than one meal interval between one and less than 8 hours. As a result in the body there will be accumulation of many substances that are not needed which will be toxic to the body.

By fasting the body will detoxify and regenerate body cells. All substances that are not needed by the body including poisons will be removed. Body cells that are not needed. Even the cells that are not functioning will be replaced also rejuvenated. Based on research mcfol, fasting can also increase immunity. Because when fasting there is an increase in lymphocyte levels tenfold. Lymphocytes are immune centers that protect the body from bacterial and fungal infections.

Benefits of mental fasting

By fasting the eating pattern is formed, which becomes regular, which can prevent obesity and avoid unhealthy snacks during the day. his emotions are trained where he learns to resist his desire when he feels hungry and thirsty. In addition, it must remain calm and patient. Fasting also teaches that children always feel the supervision of God. He must not lie and must always be honest. So fasting not only holds back thirst and hunger but also keeps oral and deeds and restrains emotions that are beneficial for mental health.

Fasting can be used as a spiritual supplement

Fasting is the command of the Almighty. By fasting we will try to control our lust. This is the way to approach Him.

That is some of the benefits of fasting. Hopefully useful for you and your family. Don’t forget to visit

How to Overcome Stubborn Couples in Educating Children

Having a harmonious family like sakinah, mawadah, warohmah is the dream of every married couple.

All is realized if both partners have mutual respect for their partners, mutual understanding and mutual trust. But if you don’t expect your partner to have a stubborn character that is stubborn at the standpoint, it won’t happen. Especially in parenting, stubbornness often occurs in making choices.

We as partners must have a strong sense of patience to compensate for a stubborn couple so that things that are not desired occur.

Having a stubborn partner in educating children is very unexpected because if we get into a fight in front of this child it will have a negative impact on children’s development. So we as partners need to do things like this:

It is best to give gentle advice to your partner and encourage your partner to reflect on his experience when he was a child and if treated like that. From this it can be expected that his mind can be opened that what he experienced in the past (which he now considers to be the best way to educate children) turns out to have a negative side.

Strengthen your partner with expert opinions about statements in educating the right child. This can open your partner’s insight and realize that he is not necessarily right.

Discuss together to find the best solution so that the couple does not feel wrong with the wrong decision. After getting the results together, give a hug a couple.

Help couples to fix themselves. That his opinion will still be heard / considered without him having to be stubborn.

That’s the way to overcome a couple who have a stubborn character. Hopefully useful.…

Benefits Obtained From Accompanying Children To Play

Toys and children are two related things, where toys not only have the function of being a medicine for crying for children but through toys can stimulate various abilities of the child, from motor skills, cognition, language, interaction to socialization.

When children play, parents should accompany him. Besides giving an explanation of how parents play, they also have great benefits, including:

Make children more confident

Children who play alone / without anyone accompanying, can make your child feel disappointed and despair when the child fails in completing a game. If events like this often arise, children will grow up to be less confident children. Conversely, children who play while accompanying will usually have strong self-confidence. The pleasure that can be obtained when your child can complete the game will make him feel more satisfied and can foster his confidence.

Increase the closeness between parents and children

By accompanying children to play there will be enough communication so that attachments will occur and make children much more comfortable in their activities. This can have a good impact on psychological growth and health.

Get more benefits

Children who are accompanied when playing in times of difficulty have taught him, so the child does not despair in completing the game. For that stimulation will be maximized and can improve motor skills, intelligence and tenacity.

And children who play alone will be easily discouraged and let the toys. With that, your little one will not benefit from the game.

Can improve ability

By assisting our children so they know what toys the child is playing and can find out how much the child’s ability to face the challenges of the toy. After that we can give toys that are more difficult to hone their abilities.

That is the benefit the child gets when playing accompanied by his parents. For that, do not let the child play alone.…

Preparation of Children Stay at Home of Friends or Friends

Boys and girls do have different characters. Most girls are lazy to go outside the house, some even go where they want to, even if they ask for their parents.

This is different from boys, boys prefer to play with friends and often play outside the home. Not infrequently from them there are also those who like to stay to sleep in a friend’s house.

Please note that the rules of each house with one another have different rules. As a parent, it is best to help with preparation such as doing the following:

  • Let the child decide on what will be taken. Some parents give enough input and share them in the bag.
  • Provide an overview of habits or rules that might be different from the rules in your own home.
  • Advise the child to always ask permission from the host when they will use their belongings.
  • Emphasize to the child not to forget the ethics of manners such as greeting, greeting, not making noise, not making tantrums especially when playing while at a friend’s house.
  • Always remind your child to be able to control themselves and bolt the contents of the house while at a friend’s house.
  • The right time to stay friends should be on vacation, so that the time is not disturbed.
  • Warn the child to say if they feel uncomfortable, so the parents quickly pick him up.

That is the preparation of the child to stay at a friend or relative’s house. May be useful.…

Facts and Myths About Food

Sometimes we feel confused when we want to consume certain types of food because there are those who forbid and some who advocate.

Facts and Myths About Food

Here’s the facts and myths about food:

Consumption of raw or undercooked eggs is very good for increasing energy.

Egg nutritional value is very complete where eggs are a source of protein, fat, minerals, and vitamins that are good for the body. The majority of people like the type of chicken eggs. Most of the ancient people used it to increase the energy consumed in raw conditions. But actually it’s just a myth because eggs that are consumed in a raw or undercooked state are not ready to be digested because the protein bonds are still so strong that it is difficult to break into amino acids, while the formation of muscles is supported by the availability of amino acids.

Drinking young coconut water (green) at the time of pregnancy can make the baby at birth will have a clean white skin

As long as we know the type and color of the skin is determined by genetic factors not from the factors of drink for pregnant women. But it is not wrong if pregnant women often consume young coconut water because young coconut water contains substances that are beneficial to health. Besides young coconut water also contains natural isotonic which is very important for the body which can restore stamina and lost body fluids (dehydration).

Eating fish while breastfeeding makes breast milk fishy

The baby really needs nutrients that are important for the development of his brain. Fish is one of the best foods for nursing mothers. Because fish contain omega 3 which is important for baby’s brain development. So it is not prohibited if nursing mothers consume fish. Conversely, if the mother does not consume fish the child will lose nutrients that are important for the development of the brain.

Eating green beans during pregnancy will make baby’s hair grow thick and black

Consuming green beans at the time of pregnancy is very good, but this is not because so that the baby will later have black and thick hair. But because green beans contain protein, carbohydrates, vitamin B, magnesium minerals, zinc and nutrient fitosterol. Where the protein is beneficial for optimal fetal development. Black and thick hair actually depends on the genetic factors of his parents.

Eating salak can cause constipation

Constipation after eating zalacca is not due to zalacca, but the wrong way to eat. Salak consists of hard outer skin, epidermis and seeds. Most people consume zalacca by throwing away their areca skin for reasons that are not clean. Whereas actually the bark of salak contains fiber, so if we eat zalacca with the skin of the bark, the fiber obtained from salak is gone. Though the body needs fiber to facilitate defecation.

Consuming avocado causes obesity

Most people assume that consuming avocado will make the body fat, this is assumed because avocado has a lot of fat content. But the fat in the fruit of the avocado is healthy unsaturated fat which is very easily digested and processed by the body so that it is maximally beneficial.

Those are some types of food that sometimes make us confused by the facts and myths surrounding food that develop in the community. May be useful.…

5 Types of Leaves That Are Efficacious For Health

In the world of herbs we often find the name leaves to cure health problems. The leaves used here are not just any leaves. Only certain types of leaves and must use the right size to avoid errors in treatment.

In addition, the leaves are in use usually accompanied by other types of ingredients. Leaves can also stand alone to overcome problems in our body.

Here are the types of leaves that are nutritious for our body:

Dadap srep

Leaves that have wide features more or less as wide as the palm of the hand can have properties to treat children or people who are sick with heat by: The leaves are squeezed in water so that the limp, then the leaves are attached to the forehead of the child / person who is suffering from heat pain.

Leaf distance

This leaf characteristic is similar to papaya leaves and can usually be found in vacant lots. These leaves have the properties to be able to increase appetite for both children and adults by way of: the leaves are greased and then heated on the coals (do not burn enough to make it warm and limp), then stick to the stomach of people or children who lack of appetite.

Betel leaf

This leaf can be used to deal with people / children who are nosebleed so that the flowing blood is quickly clogged by means: children who have nosebleeds laid down first, betel leaves washed thoroughly, then folded and rolled until they can be inserted into the nostrils. Compress the child’s head with a wet towel. After the clogged blood can sit back. Another benefit is that it can clean a woman’s sex organs by boiling betel leaves and then using the water to clean the woman’s sex organs. And there are many other benefits.

Pandan leaf

Long-shaped leaves of approximately ½ meter, width of approximately 5 cm has the property of interfering with drinks such as wedang roti, wedang round, to make it smell good. Another benefit is to remove foul odors in the room by means of pandan leaves in slices, then soak them in water. Then the water is to mop or clean the room.

Basil leave

This leaf can be used to remove ticks (meat that grows small) by mixing with other ingredients such as soap, whiting, and basil leaves which are pureed together, then applied to the ticks. Another method is to take the mixture a little and stick it to the tick and wrap it with a cloth, and the tick will disappear by itself. Another benefit of basil leaves is fresh vegetables and to increase appetite.

That’s the kind of leaves that have high efficacy. Hopefully useful.…