Natural Healing Through Massage Of Feet And Hands

Seeing the comparison of people who lived in ancient times with modern or modern society is very different. This different lifestyle is the main reason why we are different from our ancestors. A comparison that is clear, namely regarding health problems. We have never heard of our ancestors being exposed to diseases like today like stroke, cancer and so on.

If we reflect on the lifestyle of our ancestors it is truly natural. They walked barefoot on rough roads, up and down the mountains, in and out of the wilderness, carrying or carrying heavy loads, trampling on gravel or sharp objects.

Natural Healing Through Massage Of Feet And Hands

That in itself stimulates the glands / organs which means without realizing it self-healing. So it is not surprising that the condition of people in ancient times was stronger and healthier, because they lived naturally. They use more energy so that the body’s organs or muscles are stimulated every day which means blood circulation.

This is different from the people who live in modern times like now. they use a lot of homework with a machine, go out of the house with a motorized vehicle besides the road outside the house is slippery. That way the soles of the feet and palms are not touched by rough objects to stimulate the glands / organs that are not working properly.

This results in blockages in the blood flow channels that cause various diseases. After being exposed to the disease, the only way is to take medication. Medications sometimes do not make a quick recovery but instead have an effect on the side effects of taking the drug.

Actually, without drugs we can cure our own health problems that come by massaging the strength of our palms or soles. The soles of the feet and hands when massage feels pain indicating that it is related to an organ that is not smoothly circulating. Disease problems and massage methods are as follows:

  • Headache : massage of the toes and hands.
  • Neck tightness : massage in the neck or neck area.
  • Stiff shoulders and arms : massage around the elbow joints of the hands, wrists, palms and fingers.
  • High blood pressure : massage your thumb and toe, massage it as hard as you can.
  • Stomach ache (sore throat) : massage in the middle of the soles of the feet and palms, but also pay attention to eating patterns.
  • Difficulty sleeping : the fingertips of the right and left hands are stirred and pressed firmly.

That’s how to cure health problems while using drugs. This method is very pronounced if we are traveling far from a health clinic. May be useful

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