5 Types of Leaves That Are Efficacious For Health

In the world of herbs we often find the name leaves to cure health problems. The leaves used here are not just any leaves. Only certain types of leaves and must use the right size to avoid errors in treatment.

In addition, the leaves are in use usually accompanied by other types of ingredients. Leaves can also stand alone to overcome problems in our body.

Here are the types of leaves that are nutritious for our body:

Dadap srep

Leaves that have wide features more or less as wide as the palm of the hand can have properties to treat children or people who are sick with heat by: The leaves are squeezed in water so that the limp, then the leaves are attached to the forehead of the child / person who is suffering from heat pain.

Leaf distance

This leaf characteristic is similar to papaya leaves and can usually be found in vacant lots. These leaves have the properties to be able to increase appetite for both children and adults by way of: the leaves are greased and then heated on the coals (do not burn enough to make it warm and limp), then stick to the stomach of people or children who lack of appetite.

Betel leaf

This leaf can be used to deal with people / children who are nosebleed so that the flowing blood is quickly clogged by means: children who have nosebleeds laid down first, betel leaves washed thoroughly, then folded and rolled until they can be inserted into the nostrils. Compress the child’s head with a wet towel. After the clogged blood can sit back. Another benefit is that it can clean a woman’s sex organs by boiling betel leaves and then using the water to clean the woman’s sex organs. And there are many other benefits.

Pandan leaf

Long-shaped leaves of approximately ½ meter, width of approximately 5 cm has the property of interfering with drinks such as wedang roti, wedang round, to make it smell good. Another benefit is to remove foul odors in the room by means of pandan leaves in slices, then soak them in water. Then the water is to mop or clean the room.

Basil leave

This leaf can be used to remove ticks (meat that grows small) by mixing with other ingredients such as soap, whiting, and basil leaves which are pureed together, then applied to the ticks. Another method is to take the mixture a little and stick it to the tick and wrap it with a cloth, and the tick will disappear by itself. Another benefit of basil leaves is fresh vegetables and to increase appetite.

That’s the kind of leaves that have high efficacy. Hopefully useful.

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