Facts and Myths About Food

Sometimes we feel confused when we want to consume certain types of food because there are those who forbid and some who advocate.

Facts and Myths About Food

Here’s the facts and myths about food:

Consumption of raw or undercooked eggs is very good for increasing energy.

Egg nutritional value is very complete where eggs are a source of protein, fat, minerals, and vitamins that are good for the body. The majority of people like the type of chicken eggs. Most of the ancient people used it to increase the energy consumed in raw conditions. But actually it’s just a myth because eggs that are consumed in a raw or undercooked state are not ready to be digested because the protein bonds are still so strong that it is difficult to break into amino acids, while the formation of muscles is supported by the availability of amino acids.

Drinking young coconut water (green) at the time of pregnancy can make the baby at birth will have a clean white skin

As long as we know the type and color of the skin is determined by genetic factors not from the factors of drink for pregnant women. But it is not wrong if pregnant women often consume young coconut water because young coconut water contains substances that are beneficial to health. Besides young coconut water also contains natural isotonic which is very important for the body which can restore stamina and lost body fluids (dehydration).

Eating fish while breastfeeding makes breast milk fishy

The baby really needs nutrients that are important for the development of his brain. Fish is one of the best foods for nursing mothers. Because fish contain omega 3 which is important for baby’s brain development. So it is not prohibited if nursing mothers consume fish. Conversely, if the mother does not consume fish the child will lose nutrients that are important for the development of the brain.

Eating green beans during pregnancy will make baby’s hair grow thick and black

Consuming green beans at the time of pregnancy is very good, but this is not because so that the baby will later have black and thick hair. But because green beans contain protein, carbohydrates, vitamin B, magnesium minerals, zinc and nutrient fitosterol. Where the protein is beneficial for optimal fetal development. Black and thick hair actually depends on the genetic factors of his parents.

Eating salak can cause constipation

Constipation after eating zalacca is not due to zalacca, but the wrong way to eat. Salak consists of hard outer skin, epidermis and seeds. Most people consume zalacca by throwing away their areca skin for reasons that are not clean. Whereas actually the bark of salak contains fiber, so if we eat zalacca with the skin of the bark, the fiber obtained from salak is gone. Though the body needs fiber to facilitate defecation.

Consuming avocado causes obesity

Most people assume that consuming avocado will make the body fat, this is assumed because avocado has a lot of fat content. But the fat in the fruit of the avocado is healthy unsaturated fat which is very easily digested and processed by the body so that it is maximally beneficial.

Those are some types of food that sometimes make us confused by the facts and myths surrounding food that develop in the community. May be useful.

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