Preparation of Children Stay at Home of Friends or Friends

Boys and girls do have different characters. Most girls are lazy to go outside the house, some even go where they want to, even if they ask for their parents.

This is different from boys, boys prefer to play with friends and often play outside the home. Not infrequently from them there are also those who like to stay to sleep in a friend’s house.

Please note that the rules of each house with one another have different rules. As a parent, it is best to help with preparation such as doing the following:

  • Let the child decide on what will be taken. Some parents give enough input and share them in the bag.
  • Provide an overview of habits or rules that might be different from the rules in your own home.
  • Advise the child to always ask permission from the host when they will use their belongings.
  • Emphasize to the child not to forget the ethics of manners such as greeting, greeting, not making noise, not making tantrums especially when playing while at a friend’s house.
  • Always remind your child to be able to control themselves and bolt the contents of the house while at a friend’s house.
  • The right time to stay friends should be on vacation, so that the time is not disturbed.
  • Warn the child to say if they feel uncomfortable, so the parents quickly pick him up.

That is the preparation of the child to stay at a friend or relative’s house. May be useful.

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