Benefits Obtained From Accompanying Children To Play

Toys and children are two related things, where toys not only have the function of being a medicine for crying for children but through toys can stimulate various abilities of the child, from motor skills, cognition, language, interaction to socialization.

When children play, parents should accompany him. Besides giving an explanation of how parents play, they also have great benefits, including:

Make children more confident

Children who play alone / without anyone accompanying, can make your child feel disappointed and despair when the child fails in completing a game. If events like this often arise, children will grow up to be less confident children. Conversely, children who play while accompanying will usually have strong self-confidence. The pleasure that can be obtained when your child can complete the game will make him feel more satisfied and can foster his confidence.

Increase the closeness between parents and children

By accompanying children to play there will be enough communication so that attachments will occur and make children much more comfortable in their activities. This can have a good impact on psychological growth and health.

Get more benefits

Children who are accompanied when playing in times of difficulty have taught him, so the child does not despair in completing the game. For that stimulation will be maximized and can improve motor skills, intelligence and tenacity.

And children who play alone will be easily discouraged and let the toys. With that, your little one will not benefit from the game.

Can improve ability

By assisting our children so they know what toys the child is playing and can find out how much the child’s ability to face the challenges of the toy. After that we can give toys that are more difficult to hone their abilities.

That is the benefit the child gets when playing accompanied by his parents. For that, do not let the child play alone.

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