Benefits of Learning Fasting for Children

Although the stomach feels felt and the body feels a little weak, fasting nourishes the body for those who live it. For children who are not yet adult, the law is not yet mandatory, but mcfol learning fasting is not wrong because fasting has various benefits including:

Benefits of fasting in terms of health

Fasting nourishes the digestive organs, this is caused because for several hours every day in a full month fasting the digestive organs can temporarily rest. As long as mcfol know the process of digestion of food in the body lasts for 8 hours. In everyday life these conditions are often not achieved. Because there is less than one meal interval between one and less than 8 hours. As a result in the body there will be accumulation of many substances that are not needed which will be toxic to the body.

By fasting the body will detoxify and regenerate body cells. All substances that are not needed by the body including poisons will be removed. Body cells that are not needed. Even the cells that are not functioning will be replaced also rejuvenated. Based on research mcfol, fasting can also increase immunity. Because when fasting there is an increase in lymphocyte levels tenfold. Lymphocytes are immune centers that protect the body from bacterial and fungal infections.

Benefits of mental fasting

By fasting the eating pattern is formed, which becomes regular, which can prevent obesity and avoid unhealthy snacks during the day. his emotions are trained where he learns to resist his desire when he feels hungry and thirsty. In addition, it must remain calm and patient. Fasting also teaches that children always feel the supervision of God. He must not lie and must always be honest. So fasting not only holds back thirst and hunger but also keeps oral and deeds and restrains emotions that are beneficial for mental health.

Fasting can be used as a spiritual supplement

Fasting is the command of the Almighty. By fasting we will try to control our lust. This is the way to approach Him.

That is some of the benefits of fasting. Hopefully useful for you and your family. Don’t forget to visit

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