Important Tips To Support Children Learning At Home

Learning is a mandatory thing that must be done by students or school students, as well as your child. But sometimes because of various factors, children become lazy to learn.

Here are some tips that can be done so that children want to study at home:

  • Turn off the television set during children’s study hours. Tell the child, they can only watch TV after completing the task. As a consequence, you and other family members also do not watch TV at this time.
  • Help children make a schedule of activities. For example, what time does he have to study, prepare books, watch TV, etc. Don’t give too much allowance or dispensation. On weekends, if the child does not have homework, free him from choosing the activities he wants to do.
  • Check the agenda and textbook. Never be tired of asking, does he have homework, tasks that must be completed, or other needs he must carry.
  • Provide a special learning place. Also pay attention to the problem of lights (lighting) so that he can learn well and healthy.
  • Reduce extra activities if the child seems overwhelmed to set the time.
  • Support and encourage children. Give praise if indeed he is worthy of praise.
  • Helping children complete homework does not mean you have to do it. Just give guidance.
  • Meet the teacher regularly to discuss the learning achievements and behavior of children at school.
  • Give children the understanding, that homework or other tasks from the teacher is to make it more understand the lessons given at school.

That’s tips for parents to support children in learning at home. may be useful.

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