Healthy Sport But Cheap

Sports is one way to increase the fitness level of our body. But sometimes because people are busy so there is no time to exercise.

Actually sports do not always need to take a long time, nor do they have to be expensive. Here is an effective and cheap sport:


No need to run long distances, just circle your residential area. If it is done routinely, your body will become fit and not easily affected by the disease.

On foot

This is useful for burning calories in your body. Do it every morning or evening regularly.


Turn on the music in the morning, then you follow the rhythm regularly, so with that your brain and body will feel healthy.


It doesn’t have to be every day, even if you don’t have a swimming pool. Do it once a week (minimum), aiming to make your heart rate healthy.


Besides being useful for healthy body and heart, by cycling around the housing, you can eliminate the stress of whack.

Such is the sport that is light, cheap and festive but still effective for maintaining body fitness. May be useful for you all

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