How to Overcome Stubborn Couples in Educating Children

Having a harmonious family like sakinah, mawadah, warohmah is the dream of every married couple.

All is realized if both partners have mutual respect for their partners, mutual understanding and mutual trust. But if you don’t expect your partner to have a stubborn character that is stubborn at the standpoint, it won’t happen. Especially in parenting, stubbornness often occurs in making choices.

We as partners must have a strong sense of patience to compensate for a stubborn couple so that things that are not desired occur.

Having a stubborn partner in educating children is very unexpected because if we get into a fight in front of this child it will have a negative impact on children’s development. So we as partners need to do things like this:

It is best to give gentle advice to your partner and encourage your partner to reflect on his experience when he was a child and if treated like that. From this it can be expected that his mind can be opened that what he experienced in the past (which he now considers to be the best way to educate children) turns out to have a negative side.

Strengthen your partner with expert opinions about statements in educating the right child. This can open your partner’s insight and realize that he is not necessarily right.

Discuss together to find the best solution so that the couple does not feel wrong with the wrong decision. After getting the results together, give a hug a couple.

Help couples to fix themselves. That his opinion will still be heard / considered without him having to be stubborn.

That’s the way to overcome a couple who have a stubborn character. Hopefully useful.…

Benefits Obtained From Accompanying Children To Play

Toys and children are two related things, where toys not only have the function of being a medicine for crying for children but through toys can stimulate various abilities of the child, from motor skills, cognition, language, interaction to socialization.

When children play, parents should accompany him. Besides giving an explanation of how parents play, they also have great benefits, including:

Make children more confident

Children who play alone / without anyone accompanying, can make your child feel disappointed and despair when the child fails in completing a game. If events like this often arise, children will grow up to be less confident children. Conversely, children who play while accompanying will usually have strong self-confidence. The pleasure that can be obtained when your child can complete the game will make him feel more satisfied and can foster his confidence.

Increase the closeness between parents and children

By accompanying children to play there will be enough communication so that attachments will occur and make children much more comfortable in their activities. This can have a good impact on psychological growth and health.

Get more benefits

Children who are accompanied when playing in times of difficulty have taught him, so the child does not despair in completing the game. For that stimulation will be maximized and can improve motor skills, intelligence and tenacity.

And children who play alone will be easily discouraged and let the toys. With that, your little one will not benefit from the game.

Can improve ability

By assisting our children so they know what toys the child is playing and can find out how much the child’s ability to face the challenges of the toy. After that we can give toys that are more difficult to hone their abilities.

That is the benefit the child gets when playing accompanied by his parents. For that, do not let the child play alone.…

Preparation of Children Stay at Home of Friends or Friends

Boys and girls do have different characters. Most girls are lazy to go outside the house, some even go where they want to, even if they ask for their parents.

This is different from boys, boys prefer to play with friends and often play outside the home. Not infrequently from them there are also those who like to stay to sleep in a friend’s house.

Please note that the rules of each house with one another have different rules. As a parent, it is best to help with preparation such as doing the following:

  • Let the child decide on what will be taken. Some parents give enough input and share them in the bag.
  • Provide an overview of habits or rules that might be different from the rules in your own home.
  • Advise the child to always ask permission from the host when they will use their belongings.
  • Emphasize to the child not to forget the ethics of manners such as greeting, greeting, not making noise, not making tantrums especially when playing while at a friend’s house.
  • Always remind your child to be able to control themselves and bolt the contents of the house while at a friend’s house.
  • The right time to stay friends should be on vacation, so that the time is not disturbed.
  • Warn the child to say if they feel uncomfortable, so the parents quickly pick him up.

That is the preparation of the child to stay at a friend or relative’s house. May be useful.…

Facts and Myths About Food

Sometimes we feel confused when we want to consume certain types of food because there are those who forbid and some who advocate.

Facts and Myths About Food

Here’s the facts and myths about food:

Consumption of raw or undercooked eggs is very good for increasing energy.

Egg nutritional value is very complete where eggs are a source of protein, fat, minerals, and vitamins that are good for the body. The majority of people like the type of chicken eggs. Most of the ancient people used it to increase the energy consumed in raw conditions. But actually it’s just a myth because eggs that are consumed in a raw or undercooked state are not ready to be digested because the protein bonds are still so strong that it is difficult to break into amino acids, while the formation of muscles is supported by the availability of amino acids.

Drinking young coconut water (green) at the time of pregnancy can make the baby at birth will have a clean white skin

As long as we know the type and color of the skin is determined by genetic factors not from the factors of drink for pregnant women. But it is not wrong if pregnant women often consume young coconut water because young coconut water contains substances that are beneficial to health. Besides young coconut water also contains natural isotonic which is very important for the body which can restore stamina and lost body fluids (dehydration).

Eating fish while breastfeeding makes breast milk fishy

The baby really needs nutrients that are important for the development of his brain. Fish is one of the best foods for nursing mothers. Because fish contain omega 3 which is important for baby’s brain development. So it is not prohibited if nursing mothers consume fish. Conversely, if the mother does not consume fish the child will lose nutrients that are important for the development of the brain.

Eating green beans during pregnancy will make baby’s hair grow thick and black

Consuming green beans at the time of pregnancy is very good, but this is not because so that the baby will later have black and thick hair. But because green beans contain protein, carbohydrates, vitamin B, magnesium minerals, zinc and nutrient fitosterol. Where the protein is beneficial for optimal fetal development. Black and thick hair actually depends on the genetic factors of his parents.

Eating salak can cause constipation

Constipation after eating zalacca is not due to zalacca, but the wrong way to eat. Salak consists of hard outer skin, epidermis and seeds. Most people consume zalacca by throwing away their areca skin for reasons that are not clean. Whereas actually the bark of salak contains fiber, so if we eat zalacca with the skin of the bark, the fiber obtained from salak is gone. Though the body needs fiber to facilitate defecation.

Consuming avocado causes obesity

Most people assume that consuming avocado will make the body fat, this is assumed because avocado has a lot of fat content. But the fat in the fruit of the avocado is healthy unsaturated fat which is very easily digested and processed by the body so that it is maximally beneficial.

Those are some types of food that sometimes make us confused by the facts and myths surrounding food that develop in the community. May be useful.…

5 Types of Leaves That Are Efficacious For Health

In the world of herbs we often find the name leaves to cure health problems. The leaves used here are not just any leaves. Only certain types of leaves and must use the right size to avoid errors in treatment.

In addition, the leaves are in use usually accompanied by other types of ingredients. Leaves can also stand alone to overcome problems in our body.

Here are the types of leaves that are nutritious for our body:

Dadap srep

Leaves that have wide features more or less as wide as the palm of the hand can have properties to treat children or people who are sick with heat by: The leaves are squeezed in water so that the limp, then the leaves are attached to the forehead of the child / person who is suffering from heat pain.

Leaf distance

This leaf characteristic is similar to papaya leaves and can usually be found in vacant lots. These leaves have the properties to be able to increase appetite for both children and adults by way of: the leaves are greased and then heated on the coals (do not burn enough to make it warm and limp), then stick to the stomach of people or children who lack of appetite.

Betel leaf

This leaf can be used to deal with people / children who are nosebleed so that the flowing blood is quickly clogged by means: children who have nosebleeds laid down first, betel leaves washed thoroughly, then folded and rolled until they can be inserted into the nostrils. Compress the child’s head with a wet towel. After the clogged blood can sit back. Another benefit is that it can clean a woman’s sex organs by boiling betel leaves and then using the water to clean the woman’s sex organs. And there are many other benefits.

Pandan leaf

Long-shaped leaves of approximately ½ meter, width of approximately 5 cm has the property of interfering with drinks such as wedang roti, wedang round, to make it smell good. Another benefit is to remove foul odors in the room by means of pandan leaves in slices, then soak them in water. Then the water is to mop or clean the room.

Basil leave

This leaf can be used to remove ticks (meat that grows small) by mixing with other ingredients such as soap, whiting, and basil leaves which are pureed together, then applied to the ticks. Another method is to take the mixture a little and stick it to the tick and wrap it with a cloth, and the tick will disappear by itself. Another benefit of basil leaves is fresh vegetables and to increase appetite.

That’s the kind of leaves that have high efficacy. Hopefully useful.…

Tips For Pregnant Women To Stay Comfortable And Safe In Working

Pregnancy is not an obstacle for career women to keep working. But don’t let that end up endangering you and your baby because it’s too hard at work.

You must still understand what you should do and what you should not do during pregnancy. Don’t get you wrong, because the consequences will be fatal.

Tips For Pregnant Women :

Below I will try to help you in dealing with the above issues so that you remain comfortable and safe while working while pregnant:

Use Masks While Working

This is to avoid the entry of dirty air and air radiation into the body. Because if the dirty air gets into the body, it will disrupt the development of the fetus, it can even harm your fetus.

Avoid stress

The trick is to minimize your debate with colleagues, because this can cause bad things for your fetus. Pregnant women at the core should not be stressed.

Use Flat Shoes

Do not wear high-heeled shoes, because this will cause your body to feel sore, well it will cause you to become stressed too. Just use flat shoes, so you stay comfortable in your activities.

Drink enough water

As long as you work, try to drink plenty of water (at least 6 glasses per time you work). This works so that stamina is maintained, replacing your fluid that is lost when you work.

Use a Chair to Fit Your Body Shape

With the size of the chair that fits the height and body shape, then you will feel relaxed at work. And it needs to be remembered so as not to position your feet hanging (keep stepping on the floor).

Bring Absorbing Rich Fiber Food

This is important, so that you stay fit and your baby can consume good food for the development of his heart. And it can also thicken your immune system so you don’t get sick easily.

Those are some tips so that pregnant women can still work normally but still comfortable and safe for you and your baby. Hopefully you can take advantage of it…

Fruit That Should Be Avoided By Pregnant Women

Fruits are foods that are rich in benefits for the human body. But not all fruits are good for women who are pregnant.

You must know some of the fruits that should be avoided during pregnancy, because it can endanger the fetus you are pregnant with.

Here are some fruits that can endanger the fetus so they should be avoided, including:

Durian fruit

Durian actually has many benefits for the body, but it is not good for pregnant women. This is because durian fruit has a hot nature while in the digestive process, durian is also alleged to have an alcoholic content (although the levels are small). Those of us who are not pregnant can cause dizziness when consuming excessive durian, especially for pregnant women? Of course you can imagine the effect.

Durian also contains a substance in the form of Arachidonic acid , a compound that can cause Prostaglandin. This results in uterine contractions, which can cause miscarriage, especially during the initial womb. Well if so, you should be young pregnant I suggest avoiding the fruit. It’s better to avoid, than you will be disappointed in the future.

Papaya which is still raw

This is because immature papaya has a lot of sap, and can trigger uterine contractions. Raw papaya fruit should also be avoided for pregnant women. However, for papaya which is really mature it is actually recommended to consume it, because papaya is rich in ingredients that are good for the body, such as vitamin C, minerals, etc. But it’s best to consume the fruit first, peel the skin, then wash it thoroughly.


This is because pineapple contains bromelain, which can soften the neck of the uterus and can cause miscarriages. We recommend that this fruit should be completely avoided by women who are pregnant.

Pregnancy is a gift from the Creator, so you treat it properly and correctly so that the baby in the womb is born perfectly and healthy. May be useful.…

Natural Ways to Overcome Hair Loss

Hair is a crown for humans, so we must take care and care for it. Thick, thick hair is the dream of most people. But due to various factors, hair can also experience hair loss. If that happens, it will cause a decrease in PD.

Modern treatments like this now might be able to cope with and treat hair loss, but with the consequence your wallet will be significantly reduced. Especially for those of you who have mediocre income, you will think thousands of times to treat hair loss in this modern way.

Then what is the solution? Relax, our nature provides so many plants with various benefits that are so extraordinary. Like some natural ingredients that we can use to reduce and even treat hair loss, including:

Aloe vera

Aloe vera can restore cells to the damaged scalp and rejuvenate it.

The trick: take aloe vera (which is large and thick flesh), then cut it into two parts. Then rub the sap or mucus on the tongue into the skin of your hair until evenly distributed. Let stand for 10-15 minutes, then rinse with water until clean.

Use regularly, so that your hair is healthy.


Maybe you are wondering, how come lime juice can reduce hair loss. My answer is trivial, you will never know the results before you try it.

The trick: it’s actually almost the same as the first way. First take one lime, then cut it into two parts, then the water content in the lime was spread evenly throughout the scalp. Let stand for a few minutes (at least 7 minutes), then rinse with water until clean. Do routine. For those of you who have dandruff, this method can also help you to get rid of it.

Pecan Oil

The benefits of candlenut to grow a beard or mustache may already be many people who know. Well, if the hair on other parts can, it means growing hair on the scalp can also be (that’s a simple thought).

The trick: take candlenut (to taste), then burn until it is slightly burnt, then squeeze the candlenut, then oil will emerge from it. Rub the oil into the hair evenly. Leave for a few minutes, then rinse with water to remove dirt that sticks to the scalp.

Those are some natural ways to deal with hair loss. Actually there are still many natural ingredients that can be used to treat hair loss, such as:

  • Garlic
  • Green Tea
  • Avocado
  • Ginger

Hopefully this review is useful for those of you who are sad with the condition of your hair falling out, hopefully useful.…

Causes of Low Blood Pressure and How to Overcome It

Headache with dizziness and even fainting are signs where blood pressure is not normal or can be said to be low blood pressure. Other symptoms are sleepiness, ants, pale face, tired / tired quickly, the body often feels weak and irritable.

Low blood pressure or commonly known as Hypotension has a sense of low or very low blood pressure. Blood pressure is said to be normal if the tension is 120 / 80mmHg and is said to be low blood pressure if below 90 / 60mmHg. Low blood pressure is caused by several factors including:

  • Lack of substances needed by the body such as being too busy so that there is no time to eat or drink. So eat on time and 3 times a day.
  • Lack of gastric juice or pepsin enzyme. Where the body is in a condition of lack of stomach acid, so the food eaten is not quickly destroyed. People like this usually do not have appetite or decreased appetite.
  • Calorie deficiency caused by lack of rest due to being too busy. This causes the calories spent for energy to be far greater than the calories that enter. In addition, it causes the amount of hemoglobin (red blood) to be little or less than enough.
  • In addition to the above factors, someone who is depressed will also have low blood pressure. People who are experiencing depression usually often daydream and do not pay attention to eating time and even reduced appetite.
  • Damage to the digestive system which causes the digestive process is not perfect so that the essence of food is not sufficient for the body.
  • Low blood can be overcome in an easy and traditional way, namely in the morning and evening eating chicken eggs in their raw and yellow conditions and drinking honeybee honey 2 tablespoons. This is done repeatedly until the blood pressure is normal. Besides that, you can also eat goat’s liver.

That is the factor that causes low blood pressure and how to overcome it. May be useful.…

Natural Healing Through Massage Of Feet And Hands

Seeing the comparison of people who lived in ancient times with modern or modern society is very different. This different lifestyle is the main reason why we are different from our ancestors. A comparison that is clear, namely regarding health problems. We have never heard of our ancestors being exposed to diseases like today like stroke, cancer and so on.

If we reflect on the lifestyle of our ancestors it is truly natural. They walked barefoot on rough roads, up and down the mountains, in and out of the wilderness, carrying or carrying heavy loads, trampling on gravel or sharp objects.

Natural Healing Through Massage Of Feet And Hands

That in itself stimulates the glands / organs which means without realizing it self-healing. So it is not surprising that the condition of people in ancient times was stronger and healthier, because they lived naturally. They use more energy so that the body’s organs or muscles are stimulated every day which means blood circulation.

This is different from the people who live in modern times like now. they use a lot of homework with a machine, go out of the house with a motorized vehicle besides the road outside the house is slippery. That way the soles of the feet and palms are not touched by rough objects to stimulate the glands / organs that are not working properly.

This results in blockages in the blood flow channels that cause various diseases. After being exposed to the disease, the only way is to take medication. Medications sometimes do not make a quick recovery but instead have an effect on the side effects of taking the drug.

Actually, without drugs we can cure our own health problems that come by massaging the strength of our palms or soles. The soles of the feet and hands when massage feels pain indicating that it is related to an organ that is not smoothly circulating. Disease problems and massage methods are as follows:

  • Headache : massage of the toes and hands.
  • Neck tightness : massage in the neck or neck area.
  • Stiff shoulders and arms : massage around the elbow joints of the hands, wrists, palms and fingers.
  • High blood pressure : massage your thumb and toe, massage it as hard as you can.
  • Stomach ache (sore throat) : massage in the middle of the soles of the feet and palms, but also pay attention to eating patterns.
  • Difficulty sleeping : the fingertips of the right and left hands are stirred and pressed firmly.

That’s how to cure health problems while using drugs. This method is very pronounced if we are traveling far from a health clinic. May be useful…