Tips For Pregnant Women To Stay Comfortable And Safe In Working

Pregnancy is not an obstacle for career women to keep working. But don’t let that end up endangering you and your baby because it’s too hard at work.

You must still understand what you should do and what you should not do during pregnancy. Don’t get you wrong, because the consequences will be fatal.

Tips For Pregnant Women :

Below I will try to help you in dealing with the above issues so that you remain comfortable and safe while working while pregnant:

Use Masks While Working

This is to avoid the entry of dirty air and air radiation into the body. Because if the dirty air gets into the body, it will disrupt the development of the fetus, it can even harm your fetus.

Avoid stress

The trick is to minimize your debate with colleagues, because this can cause bad things for your fetus. Pregnant women at the core should not be stressed.

Use Flat Shoes

Do not wear high-heeled shoes, because this will cause your body to feel sore, well it will cause you to become stressed too. Just use flat shoes, so you stay comfortable in your activities.

Drink enough water

As long as you work, try to drink plenty of water (at least 6 glasses per time you work). This works so that stamina is maintained, replacing your fluid that is lost when you work.

Use a Chair to Fit Your Body Shape

With the size of the chair that fits the height and body shape, then you will feel relaxed at work. And it needs to be remembered so as not to position your feet hanging (keep stepping on the floor).

Bring Absorbing Rich Fiber Food

This is important, so that you stay fit and your baby can consume good food for the development of his heart. And it can also thicken your immune system so you don’t get sick easily.

Those are some tips so that pregnant women can still work normally but still comfortable and safe for you and your baby. Hopefully you can take advantage of it…

Fruit That Should Be Avoided By Pregnant Women

Fruits are foods that are rich in benefits for the human body. But not all fruits are good for women who are pregnant.

You must know some of the fruits that should be avoided during pregnancy, because it can endanger the fetus you are pregnant with.

Here are some fruits that can endanger the fetus so they should be avoided, including:

Durian fruit

Durian actually has many benefits for the body, but it is not good for pregnant women. This is because durian fruit has a hot nature while in the digestive process, durian is also alleged to have an alcoholic content (although the levels are small). Those of us who are not pregnant can cause dizziness when consuming excessive durian, especially for pregnant women? Of course you can imagine the effect.

Durian also contains a substance in the form of Arachidonic acid , a compound that can cause Prostaglandin. This results in uterine contractions, which can cause miscarriage, especially during the initial womb. Well if so, you should be young pregnant I suggest avoiding the fruit. It’s better to avoid, than you will be disappointed in the future.

Papaya which is still raw

This is because immature papaya has a lot of sap, and can trigger uterine contractions. Raw papaya fruit should also be avoided for pregnant women. However, for papaya which is really mature it is actually recommended to consume it, because papaya is rich in ingredients that are good for the body, such as vitamin C, minerals, etc. But it’s best to consume the fruit first, peel the skin, then wash it thoroughly.


This is because pineapple contains bromelain, which can soften the neck of the uterus and can cause miscarriages. We recommend that this fruit should be completely avoided by women who are pregnant.

Pregnancy is a gift from the Creator, so you treat it properly and correctly so that the baby in the womb is born perfectly and healthy. May be useful.…