Types of Causes of Allergies in Children

Allergies are excessive reactions to the body against a foreign object that enters the body.

The following are various kinds of causes for the emergence of allergies in children, including:

Unhygienic food

Now there are many circulating various types of snacks intended for children, but many of these types do not prioritize children’s health. Apart from not being clean, many snacks use dangerous chemicals, such as artificial dyes, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, pengenyal. Sometimes naughty traders also give excessive flavoring to make snacks taste savory.

Unhealthy environment

The amount of air pollution caused by vehicle fumes, factory smoke, cigarette smoke, etc. Impacts on decreasing the quality of children’s health, and if the child does not have good immunity, the child will be easily attacked by allergic diseases.

Lack of supply of breast milk

By giving exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months and continuing to give additional breastfeeding for 2 years, the immune system or immune system will increase, so it is good to ward off various types of diseases including allergies.

Life is too hygienic

Do not assume that if the child lives completely hygienically, he or she will not get allergic, precisely because it is too hygienic, the child will feel alien to germs and bacteria, so the child will be easy and allergic.

Thus a brief description of the kinds of causes of allergies in children. Hopefully it can be beneficial for your child’s health.…

The Right Step When Children Are Affected by Allergies

Allergies are excessive reactions in the body caused by foreign objects entering the body.

Now what if allergies occur in children around us? this is the exact step:

Give first aid

First aid for children affected by allergies is to provide antiseptic powder (if allergies cause itching in children), and give ORS (when attacking the digestive system).

Bring to the doctor

If you have done first aid but the child has not shown signs of recovery or even worse, then immediately take the child to the doctor for further treatment.

Take an allergy test

Your doctor will usually recommend an allergy test, this is to find out what the allergens are. Some common allergy tests include:

  • Skin Prick Tets, or skin prick tests by inserting a special device into the child’s forearm to see the cause of the allergy. Usually the test results will appear within 15 minutes.
  • Skin Endpoint Titration. The doctor will enter little by little certain substances into the body, starting at the lowest concentration to the highest concentration, with a time lag of each injection for 20 minutes.
  • Intradermal Progression Dilution Food Test. This is the opposite of the two point test.

Do therapy

There are several therapies that can be done to eliminate allergies. For example, if the allergy triggers are shrimp, then try giving them to the child, if itching still occurs, then pause for 6 months. After 6 months try to give more shrimp to the child, because the more the age increases the immune system will also increase.

So some things that must be done if you find signs of allergies in children. Hopefully it will be a benefit for all of you.…

Healthy Sport But Cheap

Sports is one way to increase the fitness level of our body. But sometimes because people are busy so there is no time to exercise.

Actually sports do not always need to take a long time, nor do they have to be expensive. Here is an effective and cheap sport:


No need to run long distances, just circle your residential area. If it is done routinely, your body will become fit and not easily affected by the disease.

On foot

This is useful for burning calories in your body. Do it every morning or evening regularly.


Turn on the music in the morning, then you follow the rhythm regularly, so with that your brain and body will feel healthy.


It doesn’t have to be every day, even if you don’t have a swimming pool. Do it once a week (minimum), aiming to make your heart rate healthy.


Besides being useful for healthy body and heart, by cycling around the housing, you can eliminate the stress of whack.

Such is the sport that is light, cheap and festive but still effective for maintaining body fitness. May be useful for you all…

How to Make Healthy Avocado Juice

Avocados are a fruit that is very beneficial for the body. In addition, some of the ingredients found in avocados also have many health benefits, including:

  • Maintain cardiovascular health
  • Reducing deabetes
  • Lose weight
  • Skin beauty and health
  • Prevent free radicals
  • Reducing the risk of cancer
  • Prevent the risk of stroke
  • Clear eyesight

There are many benefits found in avocados ?? Now my advice, start consuming avocados regularly to get the benefits contained in them.

How to consume avocados can be eaten by mixing Java sugar, milk, etc. Can also be used as juice to add to the delicious taste and the fresh avocado fruit. Here’s how to make avocado juice:

Material :

  • 1 avocado with medium maturity level
  • 3 tablespoons sugar (can be added and reduced depending on taste)
  • 3 tablespoons of full cream milk
  • 1 cup of boiled water

Ways of making

  • Cut the avocado in half, discard the contents.
  • Take the avocado and put it in a blender
  • Enter the other ingredients
  • Blend until smooth
  • Pour into a large glass
  • Avocado juice is ready to drink

Easy, how to make avocado juice? Hopefully you can take advantage of the brief description above.…

Sahur Food That Strengthens the Body During Fasting

Fasting is a mandatory service for Muslims. But sometimes because food is not considered nutrition at dawn, it will make it weak during fasting.

Then what foods can strengthen our fasting? the following description:


Eat vegetables that contain lots of fiber, such as carrots, spinach, broccoli, beans, etc. Fiber is classified as complex carbohydrates which are very difficult to digest by the body, but it is still important to maintain metabolism in the body. So consume vegetables at dawn so that the fasting time is not easy to weaken.


Fish are rich in protein, so it is very suitable for your sahur side dish, but you should cook fish by pressing or sowing, so as not to increase the fat content like when the fish is fried.


The fiber found in the fruit is not easily digested, so it will cause the stomach to work longer in destroying food. So thus your race will last longer. Good fruits to consume include bananas, apples, pears, etc.

Soy milk

The protein found in soy milk is very high, so it is very appropriate to drink during your dawn.

For this reason, some foods that are very suitable are consumed at dawn so that your fast runs smoothly and is not young. May be useful.…

5 Types of Leaves That Are Efficacious For Health

In the world of herbs we often find the name leaves to cure health problems. The leaves used here are not just any leaves. Only certain types of leaves and must use the right size to avoid errors in treatment.

In addition, the leaves are in use usually accompanied by other types of ingredients. Leaves can also stand alone to overcome problems in our body.

Here are the types of leaves that are nutritious for our body:

Dadap srep

Leaves that have wide features more or less as wide as the palm of the hand can have properties to treat children or people who are sick with heat by: The leaves are squeezed in water so that the limp, then the leaves are attached to the forehead of the child / person who is suffering from heat pain.

Leaf distance

This leaf characteristic is similar to papaya leaves and can usually be found in vacant lots. These leaves have the properties to be able to increase appetite for both children and adults by way of: the leaves are greased and then heated on the coals (do not burn enough to make it warm and limp), then stick to the stomach of people or children who lack of appetite.

Betel leaf

This leaf can be used to deal with people / children who are nosebleed so that the flowing blood is quickly clogged by means: children who have nosebleeds laid down first, betel leaves washed thoroughly, then folded and rolled until they can be inserted into the nostrils. Compress the child’s head with a wet towel. After the clogged blood can sit back. Another benefit is that it can clean a woman’s sex organs by boiling betel leaves and then using the water to clean the woman’s sex organs. And there are many other benefits.

Pandan leaf

Long-shaped leaves of approximately ½ meter, width of approximately 5 cm has the property of interfering with drinks such as wedang roti, wedang round, to make it smell good. Another benefit is to remove foul odors in the room by means of pandan leaves in slices, then soak them in water. Then the water is to mop or clean the room.

Basil leave

This leaf can be used to remove ticks (meat that grows small) by mixing with other ingredients such as soap, whiting, and basil leaves which are pureed together, then applied to the ticks. Another method is to take the mixture a little and stick it to the tick and wrap it with a cloth, and the tick will disappear by itself. Another benefit of basil leaves is fresh vegetables and to increase appetite.

That’s the kind of leaves that have high efficacy. Hopefully useful.…

Tips For Pregnant Women To Stay Comfortable And Safe In Working

Pregnancy is not an obstacle for career women to keep working. But don’t let that end up endangering you and your baby because it’s too hard at work.

You must still understand what you should do and what you should not do during pregnancy. Don’t get you wrong, because the consequences will be fatal.

Tips For Pregnant Women :

Below I will try to help you in dealing with the above issues so that you remain comfortable and safe while working while pregnant:

Use Masks While Working

This is to avoid the entry of dirty air and air radiation into the body. Because if the dirty air gets into the body, it will disrupt the development of the fetus, it can even harm your fetus.

Avoid stress

The trick is to minimize your debate with colleagues, because this can cause bad things for your fetus. Pregnant women at the core should not be stressed.

Use Flat Shoes

Do not wear high-heeled shoes, because this will cause your body to feel sore, well it will cause you to become stressed too. Just use flat shoes, so you stay comfortable in your activities.

Drink enough water

As long as you work, try to drink plenty of water (at least 6 glasses per time you work). This works so that stamina is maintained, replacing your fluid that is lost when you work.

Use a Chair to Fit Your Body Shape

With the size of the chair that fits the height and body shape, then you will feel relaxed at work. And it needs to be remembered so as not to position your feet hanging (keep stepping on the floor).

Bring Absorbing Rich Fiber Food

This is important, so that you stay fit and your baby can consume good food for the development of his heart. And it can also thicken your immune system so you don’t get sick easily.

Those are some tips so that pregnant women can still work normally but still comfortable and safe for you and your baby. Hopefully you can take advantage of it…

Causes of Low Blood Pressure and How to Overcome It

Headache with dizziness and even fainting are signs where blood pressure is not normal or can be said to be low blood pressure. Other symptoms are sleepiness, ants, pale face, tired / tired quickly, the body often feels weak and irritable.

Low blood pressure or commonly known as Hypotension has a sense of low or very low blood pressure. Blood pressure is said to be normal if the tension is 120 / 80mmHg and is said to be low blood pressure if below 90 / 60mmHg. Low blood pressure is caused by several factors including:

  • Lack of substances needed by the body such as being too busy so that there is no time to eat or drink. So eat on time and 3 times a day.
  • Lack of gastric juice or pepsin enzyme. Where the body is in a condition of lack of stomach acid, so the food eaten is not quickly destroyed. People like this usually do not have appetite or decreased appetite.
  • Calorie deficiency caused by lack of rest due to being too busy. This causes the calories spent for energy to be far greater than the calories that enter. In addition, it causes the amount of hemoglobin (red blood) to be little or less than enough.
  • In addition to the above factors, someone who is depressed will also have low blood pressure. People who are experiencing depression usually often daydream and do not pay attention to eating time and even reduced appetite.
  • Damage to the digestive system which causes the digestive process is not perfect so that the essence of food is not sufficient for the body.
  • Low blood can be overcome in an easy and traditional way, namely in the morning and evening eating chicken eggs in their raw and yellow conditions and drinking honeybee honey 2 tablespoons. This is done repeatedly until the blood pressure is normal. Besides that, you can also eat goat’s liver.

That is the factor that causes low blood pressure and how to overcome it. May be useful.…

Natural Healing Through Massage Of Feet And Hands

Seeing the comparison of people who lived in ancient times with modern or modern society is very different. This different lifestyle is the main reason why we are different from our ancestors. A comparison that is clear, namely regarding health problems. We have never heard of our ancestors being exposed to diseases like today like stroke, cancer and so on.

If we reflect on the lifestyle of our ancestors it is truly natural. They walked barefoot on rough roads, up and down the mountains, in and out of the wilderness, carrying or carrying heavy loads, trampling on gravel or sharp objects.

Natural Healing Through Massage Of Feet And Hands

That in itself stimulates the glands / organs which means without realizing it self-healing. So it is not surprising that the condition of people in ancient times was stronger and healthier, because they lived naturally. They use more energy so that the body’s organs or muscles are stimulated every day which means blood circulation.

This is different from the people who live in modern times like now. they use a lot of homework with a machine, go out of the house with a motorized vehicle besides the road outside the house is slippery. That way the soles of the feet and palms are not touched by rough objects to stimulate the glands / organs that are not working properly.

This results in blockages in the blood flow channels that cause various diseases. After being exposed to the disease, the only way is to take medication. Medications sometimes do not make a quick recovery but instead have an effect on the side effects of taking the drug.

Actually, without drugs we can cure our own health problems that come by massaging the strength of our palms or soles. The soles of the feet and hands when massage feels pain indicating that it is related to an organ that is not smoothly circulating. Disease problems and massage methods are as follows:

  • Headache : massage of the toes and hands.
  • Neck tightness : massage in the neck or neck area.
  • Stiff shoulders and arms : massage around the elbow joints of the hands, wrists, palms and fingers.
  • High blood pressure : massage your thumb and toe, massage it as hard as you can.
  • Stomach ache (sore throat) : massage in the middle of the soles of the feet and palms, but also pay attention to eating patterns.
  • Difficulty sleeping : the fingertips of the right and left hands are stirred and pressed firmly.

That’s how to cure health problems while using drugs. This method is very pronounced if we are traveling far from a health clinic. May be useful…